Just as fascinating and varied as Turkey's land, so too is her history...

Just as fascinating and varied as Turkey's land, so too is her history. It's certainly a long and complex one! Especially when you consider the discovery of the archaeological site of Catal Hoyuk (near Konya), a Stone Age City, the site of the worlds oldest known community, which dates back to about 7500 BC. From such an early period and continuing through centuries of changing civilisations and empires to current times, Turkey is indeed steeped in a unique wealth of history.

From the early civilisation up until 1923 and the victory of the Freedom War, Turkey has been invaded and conquered by many nationalities. Amongst these have been Hittites, Greeks, Romans and Persians, not to mention the French and British after the first World War. Such famous figures to have emerged from this early period are Alexander the Great, Homer (who wrote the Iliad), Mehmet II and Suleyman the Magnificent.

Of Empires there have been many, but markedly the greatest have been Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman.

Today Turkey's rich past is evident by the numerous ancient sites and monuments spread throughout the country. Some spectacular 'treasures' now uncovered for us all to share and enjoy:- cave dwellings, stone implements and weapons found in the regions now known as Antalya and Isparta; the best preserved Roman theatre in the world 'Aspendos' (near Antalya) and furthermore the special grandeur of the classical wonder 'Ephesus' (near Selcuk) These are just a few jewels within her crown.

Even here, on your own doorstep, you'll find numerous examples to explore:- the ancient sites of Letoon and Xanthos near Kalkan, Caunos in Dalyan, Knidos beyond Turunc, the Lycian rock tombs above Fethiye and the Idyma tomb in Akyaka. Yesterday's past is today's pleasure!

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