Dolmus (local buses), Coaches, Taxis or on your own - choose your favourite ... A colourful feature of Turkish life and also the cheapest way to get about. Hop onto one of the dolmus - the little minibuses which zoom around locally - and you'll have an experience! For dolmus means 'stuffed' and you'll soon appreciate how apt the name is! They tend to get full quite quickly, especially on market days when it seems as if the whole world piles in - livestock and all! The dolmus run from early morning to late evening over a specified route to the destination displayed on the front windscreen or as announced by the young boy on the bus who collects your fare. There's no dolmus stops - just stand on the correct side of the road and flag one down as it approaches. You can get on and off anywhere! If one whizzes past without stopping, the driver's probably on a special mission, but don't worry there's normally one coming along a few minutes later.

The dolmus (pronounced 'dolmush') which means 'stuffed' (and believe me they can be!) is the cheapest form of transport. They are a colourful feature of daily Turkish life which really shouldn't be missed. So hop on board, enjoy the experience and explore the local area!

In AKYAKA : The main dolmus station is opposite the park on the same road as the school, although these little white buses can be stopped on most of the main roads around the village by simply raising one's hand.

The Mugla dolmus operates every 30 minutes from 07.30 to 19.00 at a single fare of approximately £ 1.00 From around mid June there will be a direct service departing from the dolmus station to Marmaris, where on return, you embark at the same place where you previously disembarked - there's nothing more central and convenient as that! The return fare is approximately £ 1.50.

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