'Each region in Turkey has it's own special folk dance and costume, the best known are listed below:- 'Horon' -This Black Sea dance is performed only by men, dressed in black with silver trimmings They link arms and move to the sound of the 'kemence' (a primitive violin) 'Kasik Oyunu' -The spoon dance is performed from Konya to Silifke and consists of gaily dressed male and female dancers clicking out the rhythm with a pair of wooden spoons in each hand. 'Kilic Kalkan' -The sword and shield dance of Bursa represents the Ottoman conquest of the city. It is performed by men only, dressed in early Ottoman battle dress, who dance to the sound of clashing swords and shields without music. 'Zeybek' -in this Aegean dance, colourfully dressed male dancers called 'efe' symbolise courage and heroism.

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