The Ottoman Konak is located on the largest basin of the Woman Azmak river and adjacent to it. The distance to the water is 5 minutes via river, 10 minutes of walking and on the way you would experience the beauty of the nature all around.

The Ottoman Konak is a significant architectural composition which rise from the analysis and synthesis of Ottoman and Turkish architecture along with the unique design of the architect. On every point and detail, the Ottoman motives can be seen and explored, with all theses details the original turkish architecture can be expeirenced.

On the interior furnishing of the Ottoman Konak all the rooms are designed uniquely differing than the other which gives you a sense of living in original ancient Turkish Konaks.

The Ottoman Konak has 18 different rooms with traditional turkish wood ceilings. All the rooms are equipped with fireplace, air conditioners, vantilators, balconies with flowers, LCD TVs, hair dryers, minibars and keettles. All the rooms have a different furniture and design with floorings made of oil tree laminated wood. In addition to differing furnishing style of every room, the diffirence of all the bathrooms bring uniqueness to its guests.

In Ottoman Konak there is a lobby, fitness room, internet, library, shared jakuzi, swimming pool, large garden area along the river, central courtyard, aquarium, chess, backgammon and pinball which are all designed in Ottoman style.In all social spaces there is natural vantilation as well as air conditioners and power vantilators.

In all spaces being hygienic for our guests is a priority as well as holding health reports for all our employees routinely.

In Ottoman Konak along with rich traditional turkish breakfast, the italian and turkish snack menu is in service. The dinner is ala carte where there is beef, laos fish(unique for Akyaka), snake fish (unique for our river), Somon fish served with Ottoman appetizers. And the nice dinner will be completed on the basin of the river with a glass of white wine.

In Ottoman Konak the freshly served local-natural-organic breakfast will beautify your mornings. And with the dinner menu you will enjoy the visual and the tasteful Ottoman meal.

If you ever visit Ottoman Konak, please ask for Akyaka exploration brochure and Ottoman Konak architecture booklet...!


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