It is time to get wet, first waterslide into the turqoise pool and you’re in there... No experience is needed for this tour in Toparlar Canyon (35km to Akyaka). It is kids' favourite tour as they like to jump, jump and jump.

You’ll be jumping little waterfalls and abseiling 3-4 different spots, swimming the fresh pools will make you reborn! An enjoyable canyoning trip for anyone who is keen to scramble over rocks and plunge into cool spring water.

On the hottest of days, you can escape the power of the sun when walking in the shade of pine and liquid amber trees down in deep canyon. This fun and action trip also takes place in our active week programme.

Our rock climbing routes are 2 km to Akyaka with a scenery of Gökova Gulf. There are 7 routes in different grades that you can learn or practice rock climbing in every level.

Toparlar Canyon

Where does the trip begin?
We pick you up from your hotel.

What are the highlights of this trip?
Easy and fun canyon with many pools and jumps

What is the difficulty level?
Easy. Everybody who can climb a few meters of rocks and walk on rocks can do it.

Who can participate?
Anyone in relatively good physical condition, who can swim and who does not possess medical problems, and who likes water.!

Program Details
We leave every Friday (09:00 am) from May to October, with a minimum of 3 participants, from Akyaka to Toparlar (32 km) where we give our safety talk and start tour. After basic instruction and an introduction to the equipment we’ll be using, we begin to walk into the canyon. We follow the track up to the big waterfall and give a short break. Practice absailing and start jumping, swimming, absailing and walking down the canyon. Finish at 17:00 pm.

What to bring
Sport shoes or sandals that can get wet, swimsuit/shorts, sun protection (hat, sun screen ect.), sun glasses, camera (Do not worry if there is no camera, we will give your digi-pics at the end of the trip.)

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  1. Teresa Giffen
    We are looking into booking a tour this week...possibly Friday or Saturday. There will be at least 3 or more people. Could you please tell me the price and if you can accommodate 3to 7 people? Thank you

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