Mention Turkey to the European and it is likely that the first image to enter their mind will be that of the Turkish bath. You cannot visit Turkey and not try the traditional "Hamam" it is rather like going to Egypt and giving the pyramids a miss!

A Turkish bath is the perfect way to forget the pressures and stresses of everyday life and to have your aches and pains washed away at the same time. If you have never had one before then prepare yourself for a truly invigorating experience!

We visit the 15th century hamam in the local county market town of Mugla. On entering the bath, acclimatise yourself to the heat, then suitably relaxed you are invited to lie down on the gobektasi (Marble Slab) and place yourself in the hands of the traditional Turkish Masseuse!

The masseuse will rub you all over with an exfoliating mitten - you will be alarmed at the quantities of dirt and grime removed! Your skin will now be fresh and all the more susceptible to tanning from the sun. After a quick wash you are covered from head to toe in soap suds before succumbing to a soothing, and at times, vigorous massage. Once this is done you are wrapped in towels and given time to rest. Then emerge from the hamam feeling completely clean and refreshed!

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