For windsurfers in every level Gökova Gulf is one of the best point in Turkey with its constant wind starting in the morning and getting stronger as the sun gets higher. With its 3 km long, shallow, clean and sandy coast line Gökova is a relaxing and comfortable base for beginners. As motorized water sports are forbidden in the bay it is very safe for windsurfers.

GOKOVA offers a full range of the latest equipment for windsurfers of all experience levels. Whether you are just starting out or at a more advanced level, we have the equipment and lessons to suit you.Large groups are welcome and we are very happy to teach children from the age of 7. Our instructor team has a wealth of experience in teaching participants of all ages, but we pride ourselves on the courses we run specifically for children.

Windsurf Intermediate Windsurfing Course

2 Day "Introduction to Kiteboard"
This course is designed for those people who would like to get their first taste of kiteboarding.
The basic structure is as follows:
- Learning the basics of kite flying with a foil kite on land
- Safety and site assessment. Introduction to water-relaunchable kites, including set-up, pack-down, launching and landing
- A practical look at the wind window
- Body-dragging
- An introduction to water-starting

4 Day "Learn Basics of Kiteboard"'
This benchmark course is designed to take students through the International Kiteboarding Organisation syllabus. If you are looking to take the sport up seriously then we recommend this as the absolute minimum course to enrol on, possibly combined with some coaching sessions. The basic subjects covered are: - Equipment set-up - Launching and landing kites, and piloting in the wind window - Kitesurfing and safety issues - Body-dragging both downwind and upwind - Wind window theory - A look at wind, the weather, and tides - Water-starting - How to get going and keep going on a kiteboard - Kite maintenance issues

Beginner "Windsurfing"
This is two days course, although it can be split into 3 half days, which is designed for new entrants to the sport. The course is structured around onshore practice using a simulator, followed by water-based tuition and covers the basic principles from rigging-up to sailing. A general look at sailing theory, tides, weather and safety out on the water are also included.

Intermediate "Windsurfing"
A course aimed at building on the knowledge that students have gained on the beginner course. A more in depth look is taken into sailing, including stance, tacking and gybing, as well as the introduction of the harness. Before starting this course it is recommended that students have had at least 10 hours on the water practice following the successful completion of a beginner course. For those students without their own equipment, this can be organised through our coaching sessions.

4 Day Advanced Paddling Kayak/Seakayak
If you want to paddle on white water or surf waves with your kayak on sea you need more than stearing. The aim of the course is to teach all kind of strokes and their effects on kayak, a clear eskimo roll and techniques for practicing on your own. At the end of the course you will be reading streams, waves and feel much more comfortable in your kayak.

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