Azmak River Tour : A delightful half day cruise spent on the inland waters and seas around Akyaka. It provides a completely leisurely time to just sit back and enjoy the views.

All aboard and heading downstream the river displays a wealth of fish and habitat which exist in its clear crystal waters. Meandering through the reed beds, the banks on either side are a home to a variety of wildlife - an electric blue flash darts across as the kingfisher sweeps over the river's surface. Tales of the river bank!

Cruising along Akyaka's two beautiful rivers; on the second river there's a breakfast break. We later enter the sea and leisurely ride the waves of the Gulf of Gokova, passing on to Cinar Beach where we finally take a swim and rest awhile before returning to base.

Cinar Beach : The Cinar beach is a few bays further along the coastline beyond the forestry commission area. This really is a pretty beach, although pebbly and not comfortable to sunbathe, it is definitely a must! It will only ever be crowded at weekends and during July and August.

Cinar (pronounced 'chinar') is shaped Iike a ''Z'' about 500 metres long. There is a small snack bar providing Turkish tea, soft drinks, limited food, crisps and ice cream. Food is cooked on a barbecue -ideal refreshment, but check out the prices before you order. Sunbeds are very limited on this beach. If the main beach is crowded explore slightly further along where you will find peace and tranquility in the quieter spots and coves.

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