This can be done at most of your hotels, restaurants or at the Post Office (PTT), bank and official exchange offices. Rates of exchange vary from place to place and day to day -and mostly in our favour -so it's best not to change too much money at one time. Cash sterling (un-defaced notes) are readily accepted in most places as hard currency, as too are Euro cheques and Travelers Cheques, although there will normally be a commission fee charged on exchange. Remember when changing travelers cheques it is advisable to have your passport with you. Credit cards are not taken at all hotels, restaurants etc, but they can often be used in shops for those larger purchases. If you are aware of your PIN number you can obtain Turkish Lira, at a rate of interest, from cash dispensers -''Bankomatics'' -in the larger towns. There is an ATM machine at the top of the village in Akyaka.

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