For a completely different day out experience the charm of Dalyan! So unique is this river valley that together with its superb sandy beach ''Iztuzu'' -the breeding ground of the Loggerhead Turtles - the Dalyan Delta has been declared a conservation area. Explore upstream and down and you will capture a wonderful wealth of historical and natural delights set amidst an area of outstanding beauty.

Here is a ''paradise'' for wildlife - a spectrum of birds, butterflies, fish, turtles and terrapins - and furthermore, a host of wild and rare flowers whose colours and perfumes enlighten the hillsides and meadows in spring time.

Departing from Dalyan's waterfront we take a boat upstream where an opportunity arises for you to indulge in an unforgettable experience - The Mud Baths! A body pack of mud - applied head to foot, dried and then washed off in the sulphur springs - is reputed to have healing properties to cure a whole range of skin conditions. It supposedly makes you look and feel ten years younger!?! So, if you can bear the smell of sulphur and perhaps bare some skin; wallow in the mud and have a bit of fun.

Further upstream and entering Koycegiz Lake, it's time for a refreshing and relaxing swim. Dip into the waters to cool down before our lunch time barbecue taken in the beautiful setting of this natural lake

We then head downstream taking in the spectacular scenery and where, in passing Dalyan's village centre, you can view the fine examples of the Carian rock tombs cut high and deep into the steep face on the right bank. These awe-inspiring features are evocative evidence of past civilisations whose grand presence is well worth capturing on film.

Descending further downstream, the boat passes through the fishing weirs - called "dalyans" from which the village derives its name. Then meandering through the maze of reed beds, we finally arrive at the Turtle Beach, where there is time to relax, sunbathe and swim.

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